Reduce measuring time by up to 70% for single point probing ZEISS CALYPSO Options

Fast single point detection

ZEISS CALYPSO performance probing

Because ZEISS understands that there is always pressure on production to speed up and an increased need for efficiencies and productivity. We have developed a new option in ZEISS CALYPSO 6.6 (ZEISS CALYPSO 2018) for Fast Single Point Detection.

  • shortened measurement time for features with CPP
  • up to 25 % faster (depending on measurement strategy)
  • in combination with ZEISS Navigator up to 70% (winning in bench mark)
  • minor effort in programming
  • Good Enough: Loss in accuracy mainly depends on the stylus system (usually < 2µm)
  • ZEISS CALYPSO performance probing is easy to assign to features in inspection plan

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