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ZEISS Smart Services

In the age of Industry 4.0, connectivity is key. Unlock the full potential of your ZEISS measuring solutions – and maximize their capability – with ZEISS Smart Services, our digitally enhanced service options. Benefit from greater machine availability, safety of measurement processes and higher productivity.

Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis of Important Data

ZEISS Smart Services Dashboard

SmartGuard Dashboard

Monitor the status and utilization of your ZEISS coordinate measuring machines in real time - from anywhere. The ZEISS Smart Services Dashboard provides a central overview of the key performance indicators. This allows you to optimally plan your measurement processes and react quickly and specifically to critical situations. Monitoring the measurement machine with transparent information forms the basis of safety in your processes and reliable measurement results.

ZEISS Smart Services Dashboard

FREE vs. PLUS Version

In addition for the ZEISS Smart Services Dashboard FREE, ZEISS offers a ZEISS Smart Services Dashboard PLUS. With the PLUS version, the machine data can not only be monitored in real-time, but also analyzed thanks to unlimited data display and additional functions.


For a complete overview and comparison of the functional scope of the ZEISS Smart Services Dashboard FREE compared to the PLUS version, simply click on the button.

ZEISS Smart Services Dashboard Feature Highlights


Multiple Machine Analyzes
If your company owns several ZEISS measuring machines, the multiple machine analyzes function offers clear monitoring with regard to collision and utilisation information of all of your ZEISS machines so that you can compare them. In this way, users receive meaningful information regarding the utilisation and measuring capability of individual machines in order to be able to make appropriate adjustments and optimization measures. For example, measurement processes can be transferred, service work can be scheduled or potential sources of error can be recognized in good time and then eliminated.


Shift Analyzes

Evaluate your data based on defined shift times. Data patterns and critical conditions become visible through precise filtering. Save your own shift times and evaluate the data based on them with the new ZEISS Smart Services Dashboard PLUS. Through precise filtering of the data patterns and critical conditions become visible. Machine utilization, collisions as well as availability and productivity become transparent. This makes it easy for example to identify shift-specific sources of problems and to solve them quickly.

No Time Limitation

With the ZEISS Smart Services Dashboard PLUS, you can view and retrieve all data from the time of machine installation or dashboard activation - over the entire time life cycle of the measuring machine. Unlimited data recording and storage enables you to perform professional and customised analyses of various kinds. In addition, continuous process control is achieved, which is of great advantage during audits and thus supports your quality management.


Data Export

Would you like to perform further analyses and need the data from the ZEISS Smart Services Dashboard PLUS? The new export function allows you easily to download a wide range of machine data in csv format. In this way, you can easily filter the data that is valuable and interesting to you and carry out user-specific analyses and evaluations in relation to utilization, usage, collisions, measurement plans or temperatures on the corresponding database.

Monitor & Analyze Measurement Plans
The functions provide you the transparency of all your measurement plans performed on your ZEISS machine devices individually and collectively, including number of runs, running times, completed & failed, in/out of tolerances and number of collisions. This enables a very simple root cause analysis of measurements with collisions and/or out of tolerances, needed to implement process improvements. In addition, you can increase your flexibility of with respect to parts being measured on different machines.

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Latest Features of the ZEISS Smart Services Dashboard

Roles and Rights

The "Roles and Rights" function in the ZEISS Smart Service Dashboard allows you to store and manage various user groups with different rights. A wide variety of authorization categories can be created and assigned by an administrator: Starting with simple reader rights, through authorization for managing and grouping measuring rooms, to acknowledging status messages and collisions. The possibility to combine the assignment of rights with measuring rooms ensures an optimal coordination of the individual user groups.

Device Organization (multiple machine categories)

The new function in ZEISS Smart Services Dashboard PLUS now offers you a better structured overview of your measuring devices. This is because the ability to manage and group multiple machines opens an individual and global categorization of your ZEISS measuring systems - entirely according to your needs. Thanks to the sorting of the individual measuring devices, for example by measuring rooms in which the devices are located or by machine types, you can see the most important data immediately and thus perform even more targeted data analyses.

Focused LIVE View of multiple machines

The new function allows you to see the most important machine data in real time. With the compact tile view, information such as the part number, the part variant, the duration of the measurement or whether the measurement was within or outside the tolerance is clearly displayed. It is also possible to distinguish between the measurement of the entire inspection plan or a reduced mini inspection plan. Thanks to the real-time view, you retain control of the process at all times.

ZEISS Smart Services Dashboard App

Real-time Machine Data On Your Smartphone

With the new ZEISS Smart Services Dashboard App, you have full transparency over all ZEISS machines devices individually or collectively, and access to machine data anytime, anywhere. Status messages on collisions, measurement capabilities, temperatures and other information are sent directly to your cell phone via push notification with the app. You are immediately informed about critical situations and can reduce your response time to the maximum. For ZEISS Smart Services Dashboard FREE and PLUS users, the app is available free of charge in all app stores.

Comprobación remota de ZEISS Smart Services

Asistencia técnica a un solo clic.

Receive a proactive analysis and diagnosis summarized in a protocol and the derivation of predictive recommendations by ZEISS experts remotely about the condition of certain mechanical and electronic components on your coordinate measuring machine.

Invest 1 hour to ensure more reliability and more uptime of the CMM. 

Use cases for the ZEISS Smart Services Remote Health Check:

  • Between two maintenances: to guarantee reliability and uptime.
  • Immediately before maintenance: to be able to carry out more effective and efficient maintenance. Your coordinate measuring machine is ready for use again more quickly.
  • Anytime in between: to achieve transparency of functionality and guarantee reliability and availability.

To smoothly run a ZEISS Smart Services Remote Health Check, at least one ZEISS Smart Services Health Check Kit must be available in the company. It can be purchased in the ZEISS Metrology Shop.

Máxima transparencia

La privacidad de los datos es tan importante para nosotros como para usted. Aquí encontrará una lista completa de los datos que almacenamos e intercambiamos a través de nuestra solución de conexión.

Ordenador del operador

Nombre del ordenador

Datos del hardware

Sistema operativo

Software de metrología

Versión principal

Versión parche

Número de parche

Datos de la licencia

Paquete de servicio instalado

NOTA: No se transmiten datos personales o del cliente como los datos de usuario, los programas o los resultados de las mediciones. Cualquier cambio requerirá un consentimiento previo por su parte.

Control MMC

Número de serie

Versión de firmware

Tipo de panel de control

Tipo de MMC

Modo de servicio


Datos de colisiones

Datos a largo plazo: rendimiento integral de todos los palpadores, horas de servicio, aceleraciones, recorridos

Sistema operativo

Mensajes de error

CMM Información de observación

ZEISS Smart Services

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