ZEISS #measuringhero Award

Winner of the Category: Outstanding Application – Biggest Component

Carlo Alberto Collina from Italy won with his workpiece of 8,8 m³ in the category “Outstanding Application – Biggest Component”. Such workpieces require close attention, for example when positioning the piece on the CMM, facing the risk of deformation due to the workpiece’s weight. Carlo works for the company Curti Costruzioni Meccaniche S.p.A. which produces automatic machines and complex subassemblies for various industrial applications for over 60 years.

Carlo Alberto Collina

  • Company: Curti Costruzioni Meccaniche S.p.A.
  • Industry: Mechanical Construction and Assembly
  • Country: Italy
  • My passion for quality assurance: Quality is the most important feature of a product, and that is why I am dedicated to achieving the highest quality in a passionate way. In fact passion, together with challenges and continuous learning, are perfect for both personal and professional growth, as well as for developing a high level of mental flexibility and readiness and for becoming totally dedicated to the research into opportunities and studies for guaranteeing the very best for our clients.
  • Favorite ZEISS product: ZEISS MMZ G
  • Why ZEISS: ZEISS represents the perfect combination of accuracy, precision and stability. These qualities, together with guaranteed services and top performance and intuitive software, make ZEISS an indisputable leader in the field of metrology.
  • Your message to the global #measuringhero community out there: I am really happy to have taken part in the challenge and I am truly honored to belong to the great #measuringhero community. I can’t wait to be able to really get to know everybody.

What was the product you measured and with which you applied for ZEISS #measuringhero Award?

I won the #measuringhero Award, in particular with a frame with a volume of about nine billion cubic millimetres and it is only one of the many components that makes up the packaging machines my company builds. Frames of these dimensions can be measured thanks to the extensive dimension of the ZEISS MMZ G and on which we measure details which even go beyond the machine’s actual operative limits.

What special challenges are there in the quality assurance of such big workpieces?

The above-mentioned particulars bring about continuous metrologic challenges, which are very complex due to various factors. One of these, concerns their weight and large dimensions, which make it difficult to move and bracket them. Therefore, it is necessary to study how to position them in the machine, taking into consideration the available field, the surface to measure and as a result the probes to use. Furthermore, one of the main issues with such big components is the weight, which can actually deform the piece itself. If these tests are not carried out correctly, there is the risk that the final results of the quality will not be reliable.

How did you overcome these challenges?

These challenges can be faced only through careful research, which can take days. The aim is to foresee, as far as possible, all of the potential problems that can affect the control process and therefore find a solution. To do this, constant teamwork and collaboration with the quality control, technical and production departments is necessary.

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