SLR lenses with K bayonet mount for cameras from Pentax

The manually focusable ZK lenses (for K mount) correspond with the KA standard. Additionally to the mechanic aperture coupling the lenses are equipped with an electronic contact pin. Furthermore, the aperture ring can be locked to the automatic mode (green “A”). Thus, all different exposure control settings (time, aperture and program mode) are possible with these camera models.

K-5, K-r, K-x, K-7, K100D, K110D, K10D, K200D, K20D
*is D, *is Ds, *is DL, *is Ds2, *is DL2

MZ-M, ZX-M, MZ-S, MZ-3, MZ-5, ZX-5, MZ-5n
ZX-5n, MZ-6, ZX-L, MZ-7, ZX-7, MZ-10, ZX-10, MZ-30
ZX-30, MZ-50, ZX-50, MZ-60, ZX-60, *is
P3, P30    
A3, A3000    
Program A, Program Plus, P5, P50, P30n, P3n, P30T, PZ-10, Z-10  
Super A, Super Program, SF-1, SFX, SF-10, SF-1N, SF-7
SF-XN, PZ-1, Z-1, PZ-1p, Z-1p, MZ-5
LX, ME super, ME-F    
ME, MV, MV1, MG      
KM, KX, K1000, MX      
GX-10, GX-1L, GX-1S, GX-20
● compatible    ○ incompatible
Manual Exposure Setting
Shutter Priority (Aperture value automatically set by camera)
Aperture Priority (Shutter speed automatically set by camera)
Automatic Exposure Control

The table only takes well-known camera models with Pentax K bayonet since 1975 into consideration.

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