ZEISS Makes Car Driving Safer

ZEISS DriveSafe

This press kit is a bundled source of information for journalists, bloggers and other multipliers about the right eyeglass lenses for car driving:

Most spectacle wearers are also driver and thus experience discomfort or vision impairment when it gets dark, rainy or misty. The disproportionately large number of traffic accidents after nightfall shows their concerns are justified. ZEISS DriveSafe lenses are designed to maximize safety and comfort for drivers and can nevertheless be used all day. A new premium coating and state-of-the art lens design technology make this possible. In 2016, ZEISS received the Lens Product of the Year Award for this lens design.

Visión cómoda durante la conducción en condiciones difíciles

Todo lo que necesita saber sobre las lentes DriveSafe de ZEISS

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ZEISS hace la conducción más segura

Las lentes graduadas DriveSafe de ZEISS para uso diario ofrecen a sus usuarios seguridad y visión mejorada en condiciones de conducción más complicadas

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Vision and complex driving situations

Dr. Siegfried Wahl, ZEISS Vision Science Lab, about vision and today‘s complex driving situations.

Press Photos

ZEISS DriveSafe
Rain, dusk, mist, fog or night - with ZEISS DriveSafe car drivers get better vision in difficult light conditions
ZEISS DriveSafe
Less perceived discomfort glare in low light conditions
ZEISS DriveSafe
Optimized lens design for driving a car and suitable for all-day use
ZEISS DriveSafe
ZEISS DriveSafe lenses are optimized for the visual challenges when driving a car

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