Energy Filtering Transmission Electron Microscopes (EF-TEM) by Carl Zeiss use electron translucent specimens with images directly projected on a screen or camera. Resolutions better than 0.1 nm are now achievable, delivering atomic scale resolution.

  • Introduction

    LIBRA combines state-of-the-art electron optics with unique Koehler illumination by Carl Zeiss

    With the LIBRA energy filtering TEM you profit from highest contrast for imaging of soft tissue, whenever resolution below one nanometer is required. LIBRA especially matches the extreme demands in revealing structural and 3-D information of beam sensitive or frozen hydrated specimens at the nano scale. With the LIBRA 200 FEG energy filtering TEM, you resolve structures of your specimens  in the Angström and even sub-Angström range.

    Use your LIBRA to reveal the ultrastructure of your specimens or examine the size, shape and fine structure of viruses.

  • Highlights

    LIBRA 200 FE is the first EF-TEM combining

    • In-column corrected OMEGA energy filter
    • unique Koehler illumination
    • a highly efficient field emission emitter
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