Del 9 al 27 de Octubre

Demo LSM980 CNIO

ZEISS and the Microscopy Core Facility of the CNIO is pleased to invite you to the onsite demonstration of the LSM980 with Airyscan 2, A Unique Confocal Experience, that will be held during October in the CNIO.

ZEISS LSM 980 with Airyscan 2

Your Unique Confocal Experience for Fast and Gentle Multiplex Imaging

A wealth of fluorescent labels from 380 nm to 900 nm
To analyze life with as little disturbance as possible, you must use low labeling density for your biological models. This requires excellent imaging performance combined with low phototoxicity and high speed. LSM 980, your platform for confocal 4D imaging, is optimized for simultaneous spectral detection of multiple weak labels with the highest light efficiency.

  • A wealth of fluorescent labels from 380 nm to 900 nm
  • Spectral flexibility with up to 36 simultaneous channels
  • More information in less time with Airyscan 2 Multiplex
  • Extended research with NLO, NIR, Cryo, and SIM² imaging

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