Demo LSM900 at the Alicante Neurosciences Institute

ZEISS and the Microscopy Core Facility of the Instituto de Neurociencias is pleased to invite you to the onsite demonstration of the LSM900 with Airyscan 2, A Unique Confocal Experience, that will be held from January 30th to February 2nd in the Instituto de Neurociencias (Lab 021)

ZEISS LSM 900 Airyscan 2, Your Compact Confocal for Gentle Multiplex Imaging and Smart Analysis.
To pursue your scientific questions, you want not only the best data quality, but also the best results. The ZEISS LSM9 series provides this with components optimized to deliver the best imaging results faster, including experiment automation with Image Analysis and Guided Acquisition. ZEN microscopy software puts a wealth of helpers at your command to achieve reproducible results in the shortest possible time.
· AI Sample Finder helps you quickly find regions of interest, leaving more time for experiments.
· Improve any confocal experiment with LSM Plus.
· Push super-resolution and speed with Airyscan 2.
· Automate Your Experiments with Image Analysis and Guided Acquisition
· Investigate molecular dynamics with Dynamics Profiler
· Smart Setup supports you in applying best imaging settings for your fluorescent labels.
· Direct Processing enables parallel acquisition and data processing.
· ZEN Connect keeps you on top of everything, both during imaging and later when sharing the whole story of your experiment.

Demo guided by Verona Villar, PhD. Product Application Specialist ZEISS

Application Image

Drosophila embryo imaged with Multiplex Mode for LSM 900. Sample courtesy of J. Sellin, LIMES, Bonn, Germany

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