Advanced 3D ZEISS Microscopy Solutions and Live Demo Lattice SIM

Live Webinar, 13th March and Online Demo, 15th March 2024

As a leading manufacturer of microscopes ZEISS offers inspiring solutions and services for your life sciences. Choose the ideal and complete solution for your tasks and applications from a broad spectrum of 3D microscopy systems and image analysis tools.

Join our live webinar on March 13th and Lattice SIM demo on March 15th and learn from several ZEISS experts about the latest developments in: 

  • Automated systems
  • Lightsheet
  • Super-resolution and confocal microscopy
  • Sotware solutions

Join our live webinar next 13th of March, 2024


09:00-09:15 h Introduction                                          Verona Villar
Introduding Lightsheet & Lattice technology
09:15-09:45 h Lightsheet 7 & Lattice Lightsheet 7       Cicerone Tudor
09:45-10:15 h Lattice SIM 3/5 & Elyra                          Chris Power
10:15-10:30 h Break
Introducing Confocal Scanning & Automation
10:30-11:00 h Celldiscoverer 7 & Axioscan 7               Soren Prag
11:00-11:30 h LSM9 family                                         Verona Villar
11:30-11:45 h Break
Introducing Software
11:45-12:15 h ZEN AI Segmentation-based analysis     Dieter Lauer
12:15-12:45 h ZEISS arivis 4D analysis                         Molly McQuilken

Lattice SIM family online Demo

15th March 2024

The Lattice SIM family: Reveal the Structures and Functions of Life



ZEISS is pleased to invite you to the online demonstration of our new Lattice SIM family systems, the Lattice SIM3 and Lattice SIM5.
Using microscopy to visualize biological structures provides insights into function. When imaging fixed structures, acquisition settings can be optimized for spatial resolution. However, when capturing dynamic events in living samples, higher acquisition speeds and low-light conditions must be balanced with resolution.
Join us on March the15th and learn from our ZEISS Specialist Claudia Kästner how ZEISS Lattice SIM family balances sample size, imaging speed, and super-resolution capabilities based on your application – from outstanding optical sectioning of tissues and developing organisms to high-speed imaging of living cells to resolution excellence at the molecular level.

  • Lattice SIM 3, Your fast optical sectioning solution for studying developing organisms and tissue microstructures
  • Lattice SIM 5, Your live imaging system for uniform super-resolution in all spatial dimensions

Join our online Demo next 15th of March 2024


10:00-10:30 h Lattice SIM Family introduction
10:30-11:30 h Lattice SIM3 demonstration
11:30-11:45 h Break
11:45-12:45 h Lattice SIM5 demonstration
12:45-13:00 h Questions and remarks

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