ZEISS arivis Pro: From Cell to Neuron analysis using classical and AI approaches

ZEISS is pleased to invite you to the onsite workshop on ZEISS Arivis Pro and its applications for Cell biology and Neurosciences.

ZEISS headquarters in Tres Cantos, Madrid
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Workshop ZEISS arivis Pro in Tres Cantos

Applications for Cell Biology and Neuroscience

ZEISS arivis Pro is your modular image analysis software when working with multi-channel 2D, 3D, and 4D images of virtually unlimited size. With ZEISS arivis Pro it is easy to create automated end-to-end image analysis pipelines with just a few clicks. Use predefined pipelines for common use cases or create your own pipelines using the flexible click-and-play interface, and connect them with ZEN, ZEISS arivis Cloud, MATLAB, Cellpose/Stardist, Python, and more.
The software's integrated Machine Learning/Deep Learning functionality allows for setting up an image segmentation and analysis pipeline with ease and without extensive knowledge of AI analysis methods.
Analyze complex and challenging samples with a few clicks. No matter the source and format of the image, the arivis scientific image analysis platform is designed to easily process and analyze it.
Automatic Neuron Tracing includes a wide variety of the most relevant trace measurements. The easy-to-use, high-performance semi-automatic trace editing tool enables easy correction of trace paths even for difficult samples.

Dr. Delisa García will show you how to raise the level of your results with ZEISS arivis Pro:
• Highly scalable computing, not dependent on local system resources.
• Processing and quantifying any kind of multidimensional image data.
• Trace your Neurons with a new level of accuracy and speed.
• AI-driven segmentation, denoising, filtering, thresholding and more.
• Combining different operators for complex analysis.



Agenda: October 30th

From 9 – 13h
1. Arivis Pro interface, Image import, image rendering.
2. Getting started with 3D image segmentation (counting objects, quantification volumes and morphologies) and Tracking.
3. Advanced 3D analysis (object colocalization, calculation of distances and per cell analysis).

From 14 – 17h
1. Neuron Analysis.
2. AI approaches to image analysis.
3. Time to play with your own images.

Laptop minimum requirements:
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
4-Core x86-compatible CPU
8 GB RAM (16 GB recommended)
GPU with support for OpenGL 4.3 or above and 2 GB of VRAM (e.g. NVidia GeForce 1050 / ATI Radeon RX560)
100 GB spare local storage

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Si desea obtener más información sobre el procesamiento de datos en ZEISS, consulte nuestra  Política de Privacidad.

Dirección del evento

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Carl Zeiss Iberia Ronda de Poniente 5 28760 Tres Cantos España