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ZEISS Lightsheet Z.1 awarded with Best New Life Science Product of 2012

ZEISS Lightsheet Z.1 awarded with Best New Life Science Product of 2012

Majority of SelectScience members voted for ZEISS Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy (LSFM) imaging system

Jena/GERMANY, Washington D.C./USA, 10 April 2013

At the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2013 in Washington, D.C., USA, SelectScience announced that ZEISS Lightsheet Z.1 has been awarded with the Best New Life Science Product of 2012 by members of SelectScience – an independent online publisher providing access to product news, reviews, techniques and expert opinion about the best laboratory equipment and latest techniques. The winning product is recognized as having significantly contributed towards laboratory efforts in 2012.

“We are extremely happy and honoured that Lightsheet Z.1 is awarded with the Best New Life Science Product of 2012. Our Multiview light sheet fluorescence microscope allows users to record the development of large, living samples and gently image them to deliver exceptionally high information content. We see a lot of potential for customers to apply this new technology to their applications”, explains Scott Olenych, Product Marketing Manager at Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC.

Lightsheet Z.1 works with an expanded light beam, the light sheet, that illuminates only a thin section of the sample, thus protecting the rest of the specimen. Biologists can use the new microscopy system to observe the development of entire organisms over several days or more. The extremely low phototoxicity and the integrated incubation enable insights into the differentiation of cell groups without harming the specimen. On large objects, in particular, such as fruit fly or zebrafish embryos, the light sheet microscope delivers more information than established methods of fluorescence microscopy. Multiview imaging allows data acquisition from different viewing angles.

The award is part of The Scientists' Choice Awards, where laboratory products are nominated and voted for by scientist members of the platform and customers. Scientists voted for their favorite product from the shortlist, to determine the winner. SelectScience began the Scientists’ Choice Awards in 2007 to enable scientists to voice their opinions on the best laboratory products. Once a year, SelectScience invites members to nominate their favorite products of the year in each category.