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Carl Zeiss introduces Open Application Development for ZEN Software

Defined Interface for the Open Source World

Jena/Germany, 12/17/2012.

Through the new release of the ZEN software, Carl Zeiss is opening up several interfaces for users. They can now adjust parts of the software to their individual applications. The new Open Application Development (OAD) programming environment in ZEN is based on the Python programming language. It enables users to create, test and repeatedly run macros. In addition, ZEN offers a plug-in to the ImageJ and Fiji Open Source programs. Thus, users have a huge variety of existing scripts for image editing and analysis at their disposal.

In order to make the widest possible variety of functions available to the individual ZEN user, Carl Zeiss is launching an internet-based platform in parallel. The OAD forum facilitates dialog between users on functionalities and applications. The aim of the OAD forum is to automate and optimize application-specific processes in microscopy. Users can compare and discuss macros.

Access to the OAD forum is open to the public:

Posts and comments may be entered by registered users only. Through the increasing amount of posts and questions, an OAD user community is forming, where macros and knowledge are exchanged and solutions are quickly found.


Carl Zeiss provides users of ZEN software with a macro environment as well as with an interface to the open source programs ImageJ and Fiji. The picture shows the ZEN macro editor and


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