Focus on Microscopy 2013

Focus on Microscopy 2013

Maastricht, Netherlands
03/24/2013 - 03/27/2013

Focus on Microscopy 2013

Welcome to our booth and Workshop Room at the FOM 2013

Venue:  MECC Maastricht, Forum 100, 6229 GV Maastricht

Discover the benefits of the first light sheet microscope designed to image fluorescently labeled live embryos. Now you can observe your model organism as it develops over days with virtually no phototoxicity or bleaching. Lightsheet Z.1 lets you acquire images of your whole sample volume at sub-cellular resolution in a fraction of the time it takes with other techniques. Follow the development of your most valuable specimens in a gentle and stable environment - with up to a thousand times less light exposure.

Learn more about this new microscope and other ZEISS products and application capabilities at our booth or visit a live demonstration and talks in our workshop room #0.2. Our specialists are on-hand and ready to support your applications.

Don´t miss the lecture of our special guest Dr. Jan Huisken from Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, on Monday 25th 2013.

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