13th Day of Microscopy in Jena - Germany

Invitation to the 13th Day of Microscopy

Discover the Ocean's World!

Dive in with us!

When was the last time you experienced the vastness of the ocean? Where was the last place you swam in the sea? Do you still remember how magical the underwater world can be?

Life developed in the ocean. The world’s oceans are home to an incredible diversity of life forms. The cycles of matter in the oceans influence the climate across the entire planet. Fossil fuels and mineral raw materials from the ocean feed our society. This unique habitat has fascinated researchers for centuries.

Join us in taking a look into the depths of the ocean and discover its amazing diversity with new microscopy techniques from Carl Zeiss at the

13th Day of Microscopy
on Mar 14, 2013
from 8:30 to 18:00
in Volksbad Jena, Knebelstraße 10

With an opening talk from Dr. Emmanuel G. Reynaud from Dublin, numerous workshops and the chance to talk to our specialists – you’ll be able to find out about the future of microscopy and gain new impetus for your work!

Unfortunately, the deadline for registration has expired.
However, you still have the opportunity to register at the event in person.
Please sign up at the reception at 08:30.

We look forward to seeing you!

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                                                                       Volksbad Jena, Knebelstraße 10

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