The Mobile Honeycomb Plate with E-Drive ZEISS CARFIT eMOBEE

Automated Honeycomb Plate

The automated, self-propelled CARFIT eMOBEE honeycomb plate efficiently transports components from A to B and provides sustainable support for automated processes in the measuring lab.

The Benefits at a Glance


  • supports automation processes in the measuring lab
  • enables efficient use of the measuring machines
  • reduces the amount of time needed for setup and enables greater process monitoring
  • thanks to its lightweight and stable honeycomb structure, it offers maximum stability at minimum weight
  • thanks to its four-wheel drive, it takes up limited space and makes lateral movements and 360° rotation possible



Automating the Measuring Process

On request, the loading system will travel completely automatically to the measuring machine. Individually coded chips lead the hole grid plate from A to B. ZEISS affixes the electronic markings at the customer’s location and codes them accordingly. A camera integrated into the ZEISS CARFIT eMOBEE reads the information on the chip.


The ZEISS CARFIT eMOBEE features an electric motor and is powered by built-in batteries. The battery life depends on the load, the travel path and the frequency – under normal operating conditions, a single charge is sufficient for several days of use. Users can choose between automated and manual operation.

Lightweight Honeycomb Design

Integrated honeycombs made from aluminum give the plate maximum stability at minimum weight. This structure can handle a load that is around 30 percent heavier as compared to other transportation solutions. The high-precision hole grid enables the setup of fixtures for all workpieces that need to be measured. It is also possible to clamp heavy or multiple parts on the system.

Agile Travel Characteristics

A unique four-wheel drive makes it possible to steer all the wheels of the transport system individually. Thanks to this omnidirectional drive, the plate can steer in any direction at any time. This ensures reliable movement on almost any surface, as well as space-saving navigation and thus makes the plate suitable for small measuring labs.

Greater Throughput

With the ZEISS CARFIT eMOBEE, the individual components automatically travel from the production line to the measuring lab and even to the designated measuring machine as scheduled. Machine downtime is drastically reduced if multiple grid plates are used at the same time.