Getting fewer refractive surprises. ZEISS IOLMaster 700

ZEISS IOLMaster 700

SWEPT Source OCT biometer

The IOLMaster® 700 from ZEISS with SWEPT Source Biometry® builds upon almost 20 years of experience in optical biometry. Now with Total Keratometry (TK®) it once again demonstrates its technological leadership.

Total Keratometry has the potential to reduce refractive surprises to a minimum

Graham Barrett, M.D.

Total Keratometry

Measure the posterior corneal surface – new Barrett formulas

Now featuring Total Keratometry (TK®) the ZEISS IOLMaster 700 allows you to directly measure the posterior corneal surface using SWEPT Source OCT.

  • Two exclusive new formulas: Barrett TK Universal II and Barrett TK Toric
  • Can be used in classic IOL calculation formulas
  • No need for a second device, third-party software or an online calculator

Get fewer refractive surprises

Patented Cornea-to-Retina Scan
Suspected tilted lens; image courtesy of Prof. W. Sekundo, Philipps University Hospital Marburg, Germany

Patented Cornea-to-Retina Scan

The patented Cornea-to-Retina Scan shows anatomical details on a longitudinal cut through the entire eye. Thus, unusual eye geometries, such as tilt or decentration of the crystalline lens, can be detected.  

Unique Fixation Check

The unique Fixation Check provides you with more confidence in optical biometry. Can you see the foveal pit? If so, you can reduce the risk of refractive surprises due to incorrect measurements caused by undetected poor fixation. If not, you can educate your patients to always fixate on target.

Visually verify what structure of the eye has been measured

With the patented Cornea-to-Retina Scan, complex interpretation of A-scans are no longer necessary. Potential sources of error can be eliminated.

Optimize your cataract workflow

Measure both eyes in less than 45 seconds. Alignment assistance functions make the results largely independent of the user and therefore easy to delegate.1

IOLMaster 700 measures dense cataracts
Case with very dense cataract that could be measured successfully with the ZEISS IOLMaster 700; image courtesy of Prof. M. de La Torre, DLT Ophthalmic Center, Peru

Achieve a cataract penetration rate of more than 99% and reduce the number of ultrasound cases by 92%, saving you valuable time.2

ZEISS IOLMaster 700 macular pathology
Macular hole: Fixation Check image (middle) combined with ZEISS CIRRUS retina OCT image (via photo editor program); Image courtesy of Prof. W. Sekundo, Philipps University Hospital Marburg, Germany

Get indications for macular pathologies with the Fixation Check. Although the ZEISS IOLMaster 700 is clearly not intended to be used for diagnostics, in high-volume practices the ability to detect these eyes preoperatively can be invaluable.3,4,5,6

ZEISS IOLMaster 700 - markerless toric IOL implantation

Precise and efficient markerless toric IOL alignment8, 9

The ZEISS IOLMaster 700 is an integral part of the ZEISS Cataract Suite. A reference image is acquired and used for intraoperative matching with the live eye image during cataract surgery. Manual marking steps can be skipped for efficient9 and more precise8 toric IOL alignment with reduced residual astigmatism.10



ZEISS IOLMaster 700

La biometría de última generación de ZEISS

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Articles and clinical cases

Article: Measuring total corneal astigmatism: Why it matters and how to master it

Author: Eric D. Donnenfeld
Published in: Ocular Surgery News

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Case Study: Fixation Check

Author: Prof. Sabong Srivannaboon
Published in: Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today Europe

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Case Study: IOLMaster 700 in Extreme Cataract

Author: Prof. Mario de La Torre
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Article: The IOLMaster 700 – New Technology Provides Increased Speed, ULIB Compatibility and Fewer Refractive Surprises

Author: Prof. Walter Sekundo
Published in: Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today

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Article: IOLMaster 700 – Better Predictability and Optimized Workflow Compared with Other Biometers

Author: Prof. Oliver Findl
Published in: Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today Europe

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Total Keratometry – compendium

This compendium provides an overview on:

  • Why it’s important to measure the posterior corneal surface.
  • How TK differs from existing solutions.
  • Very promising initial clinical results.

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IOLMaster 700 Compendium Total Keratomety

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