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OPMI pico

OPMI pico (ORL)

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OPMI pico (ORL)

OPMI® pico is a high-quality system with a compact and robust design which is tailor-made for daily use in your ENT practice. State-of the art optics combined with leading-edge visualization technologies like the integrated HD video chain provide clear optical views for you and your patient.

  • LED illumination
    This virtually maintenance-free light source allows you to see and explore details as plain as day.

  • Integrated full HD video chain
    OPMI pico‘s integrated HD video camera live & streaming (Full HD 1080p)
    with recording license conveniently displays procedures in high definition
    for co-observation and patient education. Users can quickly capture high resolution still images or stream live video via the network for viewing on various devices and a complete documentation. In addition, the smart recording function records retroactively up to 30 seconds in the past.

  • Varioskop optics
    When equipped with a Varioskop objective lens, OPMI pico enables you to conveniently adjust the focal length to your application – ear, nose or throat – with the turn of a knob.

    Combined with one of the S100 suspension systems - floor stand, ceiling
    mount or wall mount - OPMI pico seamlessly adapts itself to virtually any practice environment.

S100 / OPMI pico

Magnification Manual magnification changer, 1:6 ratio in 5 steps
Objective Lenses Different focal lengths from f = 200 mm to f = 400 mm, graded in steps of 50 mm
Fine focus objective lenses: 200, 250, 300 mm

Varioskop 100 (optional), focusable working distance 200–300 mm

Main Binocular Tube
  • Straight tube, f = 170 mm
  • 0-180° Tiltable tube, f = 170 mm
  • 100 W halogen illumination
  • LED illumination (optional)
  • S100 floor stand: Approx. 90 kg (with OPMI)
  • S100 wall mount: Approx. 45 kg (with OPMI)
  • S100 ceiling mount: Approx. 55 kg (with OPMI)

Microscopio OPMI pico compacto para ORL con estativo de suelo técnico

Estativo de suelo S100

Microscopio OPMI pico compacto para ORL con estativo de pared técnico

Estativo de pared S100

Microscopio OPMI pico compacto para ORL con estativo de techo técnico

Estativo de techo S100

Soluciones de vídeo integradas

The integrated video solutions for surgical microscopes are the most convenient way to generate images
for information, documentation, teaching and presentation purposes. Due to the built-in camera systems
with factory aligned optics the video solution works well out of the box. Enjoy the beauty and ergonomic
advantages of the surgical microscope without any impairment by cables or bulky video adapters. The
integrated control means that it is streamlined with the surgical workflow.

Soluciones de vídeo de alta definición (HD)

Soluciones de vídeo de alta definición (HD)

  • The integrated HD video camera live & streaming (Full HD 1080p) with recording license delivers high resolution images with high color fidelity. Fine details can be clearly defined and differentiated

  • A picture is worth a thousand words. The integrated camera allows you to show your patient what you see, as soon as you switch on OPMI pico. This will facilitate communication and education with patients

  • Full HD videos and images can be displayed on a video monitor using standard video interfaces or streamed via the network for live viewing on various devices

  • Optimized video camera for documentation of examinations and surgical applications. The camera is pre-configured with optimized and proven settings for ENT

  • Don't miss a scene with smart recording. This clever function records up to 30 seconds before you even push the record button. Full HD videos and images can be conveniently saved on a shared network or USB device for easy transfer to a patient management software

Componentes de vídeo externos

To support customer requirements for costumized video solutions, external components can be mounted to
the surgical microscope system. The external attachment via standard optical and mechanical interfaces
increases the flexibility and retrofitability of the surgical microscopes.

Adaptadores para fotografía


Adaptador FlexioStill

The FlexioStill™ adapter enables you to choose from a variety of digital compact cameras which can be attached to the surgical microscope.


Adaptador FlexioMotion

The FlexioMotion™ adapter allows you to attach digital compact
camcorders to the surgical microscope.

Adaptador SLR

SLR Camera Adapter f = 340mm

The SLR adapter f = 340mm allows still image documentation with SLR cameras.

Pantallas de vídeo


Pantallas planas HD

Medical grade HD video monitors (1080p) are available in different sizes
that match the surgical microscope video solutions.

Iluminación LED

Iluminación halógena (izquierda) y LED (derecha)

Iluminación LED

La iluminación LED ofrece una luz con colores fieles bien y bien distribuida, similar a la luz diurna y le permite visualizar las estructuras y los detalles más pequeños. La larga vida útil de la iluminación LED ayuda a reducir los costes de servicio del sistema.

Varioskop 100

Varioskop 100

Varioskop® optics allows you to easily focus on the desired region of interest without moving OPMI pico. Focus precisely by turning the adjustment knob, which can be ergonomically positioned. Flexibly adjust your preferred working distance in the range of 200–300 mm without changing lenses.

Fundas VisionGuard

Fundas con lente VisionGuard

Las fundas de ZEISS se producen con VisionGuard®, una lente óptica única que trabaja con el objetivo del microscopio quirúrgico como una sola unidad óptica, alcanzando así una claridad óptica perfecta.

Microscopio OPMI pico compacto para endoscopia ORL

Acoplamiento de la cámara endoscópica

An endoscopic camera can be easily attached to OPMI pico with the Endoport® option from ZEISS.

Microscopio OPMI pico compacto para ORL con estativo de pared

Ajustable al entorno de la clínica

OPMI pico is available with different suspension systems: S100 floor stand, ceiling mount or wall mount. OPMI pico can also be integrated into your treatment unit.

Calidad de servicio visible Optime


Calidad de servicio visible

Desde el mantenimiento preventivo hasta la sustitución de piezas de repuesto, OPTIME incluye una gama completa de ofertas de servicio para garantizar la máxima disponibilidad del sistema y el flujo de trabajo perfecto. Benefíciese de un soporte de servicio óptimo durante todo el ciclo de vida del equipo. Además, con la predicción de gastos de servicio, OPTIME le permite mejorar la planificación y previsión de su negocio. Con un socio de confianza y con experiencia a su alcance.


Haga clic aquí , para conocer mejor los contratos de servicio completos OPTIME prevent, OPTIME advanced y OPTIME complete.

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